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Brenna receives Best Presentation Award at the Fall Materials Research Society conference in Boston

As noted in our previous post, Brenna presented her work on sulfated chitosan materials at the 2023 MRS Fall Symposium SF02: Crystallization and Assembly at Interfaces.  In this three-part study, she synthesized a series of chitosans with different DS(SO4), conducted crystal nucleation experiments, and collaborated with computational modelers to better understand the water-Ca2+-sulfated chitosan interface during nucleation. 

To our delight, she has received a Best Presentation Award that included a $200 prize and a certificate for her work titled: Sulfated chitosan derivatives modulate the kinetics of CaCO3 nucleation by a systematic relationship to interfacial energy.


In her award notification, organizers stated, “Your outstanding presentation has significantly contributed to the field and impressed the audience. Congratulations again on your achievement!”

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