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Dr. Dove gives keynote at the V.M. Goldschmidt Conference in Lyon, France

In July 2023,  Dr. Trish Dove gave a keynote presentation to a standing-room audience on Tuesday morning at the session, “Mechanistic links between (bio)mineral formation, environmental conditions, and proxy systems.”  The talk highlighted our new research into polysaccharides and recent work by Brenna Knight that shows how advances in biopolymer synthesis can be applied to ask hypothesis-based questions that advance our understanding of biological mineralization.  The title of the keynote:


Chitosan as a canvas for studies of macromolecular controls on CaCO3 biomineralization

with co-authors Brenna M. Knight, Kevin J. Edgar, and James J. De Yoreo. 


There were plenty of other activities at the conference at this quite large post-covid Goldschmidt meeting.  It was also quite hot during our time in Lyon!

Dr. Dove also participated in the mentoring program for the graduate students where she met with students from China and Israel.

Dr. Nancy Ross and Dr. Dove (with many others) also celebrated the 80th birthday of Distinguished Professor and our long-time mentor, Dr. Alexandra Navrotsky (center) from Arizona State University


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