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Our research group attends the 50th Anniversary of MRS conference in Boston

In November 2023,  Dr. Dove, and Chemistry Ph.D. students Brenna Knight and Christina McCutchin had a fun and productive week of at the Materials Research Society (MRS) conference session and research planning discussions with collaborators from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. It being the 50th anniversary of the MRS conference made it an extra-special event for us.

On Wednesday evening of the conference, Brenna Knight gave a poster on her new heparin work at a busy and well-attended session titled: "Effect of sulfate regioposition on the thermodynamics of Ca2+-heparin binding and implications for nucleation of sparingly soluble salts"

Brenna discusses her poster with Drs. Chunlong Chen and Jim De Yoreo of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) at MRS Conference

On Friday morning, Brenna also gave an oral presentation on her studies using sulfated chitosan to the special symposium, Crystallization and Assembly at Interfaces.  Her talk for this well-attended oral session was titled: "Sulfated chitosan derivatives modulate the kinetics of CaCO3 nucleation by a systematic relationship to interfacial energy"

Great job on both presentations, Brenna!

Christina also had a great week as she met a lot of people who are knowledgeable about her research area and initiated new collaborations during meetings with senior scientists at PNNL. 

Ladies crew from Virginia Tech at MRS Conference, Boston. 
(left to right) Christina McCutchin, Brenna Knight, and Dr. Trish Dove.


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